Why should I do this?

We're here to teach you that maintaining a healthy body/mind is not only possible, but can actually be FUN when you're surrounded by the right people.

"I want to..."
✔️ Find something that makes me accountable for my actions

✔️ Improve my heart, lungs, & overall health

✔️ Increase strength, endurance, & mental clarity

✔️ Feel safer in unpredictable environments

✔️ Create a stronger bond with my kid(s)

✔️ Increase productivity and discipline 

✔️ Learn a new skill that'll actually help in the real world

You CAN do all that! The best part? You can do it all without:
👎🏼 Slinging around heavy metal weights

👎🏼 Endless running/cardio

👎🏼 Trying some new fad diet or super-food as a "Cure All"

👎🏼 Feeling lost, judged, or like you're dying during a workout

👎🏼 Listening to a bunch of self-help podcasts

👎🏼 Treating your kids to fast food, dessert, or a movie & calling it, "quality time"

👎🏼 Buying pepper spray, a taser, & a guard dog just to feel safe in your own environment

The Best Way To Stay Consistent Throughout Your Fitness Journey
You can't deny that working out with friends or family is better than doing it alone. Which is why during the month of February, we want to encourage you to bring your closest pals to enjoy practicing Jiu-Jitsu together! After taking your trial class, if you decide to sign-up from your BFF's referral, you'll BOTH receive 50% off your next months tuition. 

Fill out the form below, and we'll contact you to setup your trial class.
*BONUS*: If you bring the most buddies to sign up, you'll also receive a Gracie Barra gym bag, rash guard, & uniform

What Our Members Have To Say...

Jonathan C. - "I came here one year ago having never have been involved in any kind of martial arts and it’s been a great year. It changed my life. I make sure I get enough sleep and eat clean so that I can be in my top form every day for class. Professor Josh, Professor Abel, and Coach Alilne provide a safe, clean, and welcoming environment. That resonates throughout the students. It’s a family."

Rhiannan H. - "As a beginner I was super nervous to begin my BJJ journey. I’m very thankful to have found Gracie Barra Tacoma. Josh Calvo is a dedicated and patient professor. The more experienced students are skilled and are willing to work with you to share their knowledge and encourage you. The gym itself is clean and welcoming. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey alongside the rest of the Gracie Barra team!"

Amy P. - "I have been training at this gym for over a year now and absolutely love it. The atmosphere, the friends I've made and the overall lifetime commitment to this martial art. I recommend this gym to anyone and everyone! Kids, all adults, no experience needed! Everyone is very welcoming and I anticipate most will have a great experience!"

Renata C. - "I love this gym! If you're looking for a family oriented place that teaches real jiujitsu , this is your gym! Professor Carlos has had a huge positive impact in my 3 children lives, he's extremely knowleagble and teaches the kids important values such as respect and loyalty. In the little kids class coach John works in partnership with Professor Carlos promoting a respectful and fun environment. There's also boxing and muay Thai classes with coach Dec as well as strengthing and conditioning with coach Greg, both extremely dedicated and focused on personalizing their teaching so you can feel welcomed regardless of your athletics skills. This gym feels like a huge family , they're so welcoming that my husband decided to go back to train Jiujitsu after over 15 years. THE BEST BJJ gym in the area, for sure!"

Casey S. - "Gracie Barra is the planets most reputable institution for learning Jiu Jitsu and Professor Josh is an amazing teacher, role model, competitor and one of the most well rounded martial artists in the PNW. I will travel over an hour to train here and I would recommend this school to anyone seeking the many benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu."

Kellen S. - "I love this place! Professor Josh is great. He makes it fun to learn. He is also tough and encouraging. The staff I have met is helpful and makes it easy to just show up and train. As soon as my son is old enough to come in I will get him training as well. I believe this jujitsu has endless benefits and I cannot recommend this enough!"

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