Plant Strong Meals, Diet Plan & Nutrition Consultation, Customized Training Program, and Weekly Check-Ins

Register for the limited 12-week Challenge & speak with our trainer for a consultation!

This Transformation Challenge Is for You If...

✔️ Tired of scrolling through social media posts looking for workout or diet plans.

✔️ Overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there. "Will it work for me?"

✔️ Done "everything" to try and accomplish your goals & still haven't seen any real results.

✔️ Would benefit from some accountability. 

✔️ Ready for a lifestyle change without feeling starved & depleted of energy. 

Sounding familiar? Then you're in the right place. 

All you have to do is make the right decision...

Our Mission is very simple: To bring you a personalized approach to health and fitness that you can utilize to get into the shape you’ve always wanted to even if you’ve tried and failed before. 

We remove all the guesswork and build you a customized program that just works, irrespective of your schedule, experience or any apprehensiveness you may have at first.

This program is designed to help you in the following manner:

First, our staff of wellness professionals will assist you in designing a diet for the duration of the Lifestyle Restructuring Program with smart, healthy, nutritional choices. 

Second, we will closely review your questionnaire to set an appropriate training & nutritional plan based on your ability level (which is based on your current state of fitness). We will then plan and order your meals with you from FullerNutrifuel. Upgrade with delicious meals prepped and delivered to the gym once or twice a week (depending on how many meals you want). 

We then invite you into our private training app where we tailor make the workouts based on your needs, by creating a specific training plan for you. In other words, we want to be certain that this transformation will work perfectly for the unique individual you are.

Third, our trainers/coaches will lead you through the best workout regimen you are capable of handling. We'll be strengthening your body while enabling you to burn fat. The kicker? WE WILL HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE TO GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT & DESERVE by pairing you with a highly trained coach that you check in with every week. 

There is no "one size fits all" programs, everything is tailored to you. All we ask in return is to commit to 3x/week minimum, along with a mandatory check-in with your coach once per week to keep you on track.

We care about your progress, because we care about you. We take our responsibility seriously, so no matter what’s going on if your life, we feel honored to be part of your fitness journey. 

If you stick with it, you will have positive results, you will gain confidence in your ability to do the impossible, and you will want to restructure your lifestyle by creating the healthy habits you want & need.


Greg Jones, an International Master Bodybuilding Champion, is the personification of physical strength emboldened by an even bigger heart. “Helping others achieve their wildest dreams is my passion”. Beyond being just qualified, Greg’s love to see others succeed is the driving force not just in his life, but it is the driving force behind his entire gyms platform. Even though his personal workouts could be defined as ferocious and his passion for competing and winning relentless, he knows how to meet every individual where they are currently and implement step by step strategies to make solid gains. Experience, Knowledge, & Passion are all key ingredients for success at MBG Bellevue, Wa.

“We are more than a gym, we are a family of athletes supporting one another to achieve amazing fitness goals and more!.. Join Us!”
- Greg Jones, Founder & Personal Trainer

What You Get When Joining The Challenge...

• Body fat analysis *Continually monitored during the transformation 

• Small group (up to 4 people) or medium group (5-20 people) training program

*Different exercises will be offered for different fitness levels. You'll also have access to our world renown Gracie Barra self defense (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) classes, offered in our two studios where simultaneous workouts take place. Online training options are also available *

• Group Nutrition Classes

• Before & After photos + a testimonial from the members as to their individual transformations (optional)

• 10% off on all nutritional supplements for the duration of the program

• Individualized nutrition consultation & tailored diet plan

Quality, Plant Strong, FullerNutrifill meal prep & delivery for ONE or TWO meals per day!

Who We Are We? A Family.

Monkey Bar Gym
Weight Training, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, Bootcamp & Personal Training
Serving Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Sammamish Wa
Monkey Bar Gym (MBG), located on the border of Bellevue & Redmond is an amazing place to come for total fitness. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength training, increased cardio fitness, or nutritional counseling, we are here to help you reach it! We have championship trainers who compete in Boxing, karate, wrestling, kick boxing, and other disciplines of MMA.

Owner, Greg Jones, has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Ed and Nutrition, established and directs all fitness & nutrition programs and has hand picked every instructor based on experience, dedication, and their enthusiasm to help others succeed. Our members are like family and we treat everyone with respect.

The excitement in our gym is palpable and contagious. We invite you to come enjoy a free trial session in the class of your choice. We believe once you experience the Monkey Bar Gym, our staff, and our programs first hand, you wont want to get your fitness anywhere else! Sign up for your free training today!

What Our Members Say...

"Coach Greg worked with my wife for a couple of weeks while we were visiting the area. She is between shoulder surgeries and in a great deal of pain. Greg took the time to understand her condition and then adjusted the workouts around her abilities. After each training session she was tired but not in pain. She felt encouraged and challenged throughout and gained more use of her shoulder than through months of physical therapy. It is clear that Greg is very knowledgeable about strengthening the body safely through well designed, challenging workouts. Likewise when Amy led the training sessions, she continued the same type of individualized routines. My daughter and her husband have been physically transformed by MBG over the past couple years. I would wholeheartedly recommend giving MBG a try. You will find the small classes cater to people of any age and any abilities in a friendly, encouraging environment." - Richard H.

"Coaches here are excellent, very friendly, supportive. Always gives you that individual attention to do better to achieve your goals. The workout regime is well drafted & hardly gets repetitive & boring." - Sampath B.

"Monkey Bar Gym is a great gym for fitness or self defense "jiu-jitsu", either if it's your first time or a pro. The staff is every friendly and willing to go beyond to help me with my health, personal goals, and other needs. Also, the equipment is very clean which is important to me and have a great variety so I don't have to do the same ol exercise every time. The membership is a excellent price compared to the other gyms like it around. But Monkey Bar Gym is a unique gym, it's like you have a personal trainer without paying for all the expensive prices. I can go on and on about Monkey Bar Gym due to the life changes they have done for me and want to share the greatness with others. I encourage you to give them a try and see what happens. I'm sure your story will end up like mine." - Robert B.

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